I classify as a Third Culture Kid (or child) because I’ve been raised in the culture that is completely different to my parents. Aren’t we all. But that’s not all that makes a TCK.

I think what classified me is how the culture that I am distantly immersed in (the American culture) is more familiar than the one at home. I’ve never felt like I identified with being a Hong Konger nor do I consider myself Chinese – more so now that I have studied in the UK from 15-18. The typical TCK would speak more than one language, have lived in more than one place growing up, grew up with a heritage of different nationalities… But we are not typical. I am true to the blood 100% Chinese in the way I look and where I was born. Everything else about me isn’t so (apart from the food I crave and love). It’s hard to describe just exactly what it is that makes us so different but Hong Kong (and the world) is covered with us, I just have a hard time finding them.

Come check out my blog if you wish to find out more or if you identify with being a third culture anything. I’ll write my way to your heart ❤ or something like that 🙂

Artwork by Andara Sanchez Aguiano

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