My Work · Poetry


in every porcelain
are bones made of bears
and the teeth of shark
ivory framed
souls edged with
‘Noli me tangere’
and should you ever touch
that skin

you will be stabbed
until your heart
is in your mouth

By Carren Wong

Artwork by Agnes Cecile

3 thoughts on “Consent

  1. No lo mi tangere–for a minute, I thought you were quoting a scene from The Fifth Element. The lead female character responds to an unasked for kids from Bruce Willis by saying, “senno ecto gammat” which means “never without my permission.” How’s that for a geeky interpretation?


    1. Hahah wow that is a lovely geeky interpretation. I remember The Fifth Element, though not as well as you do. My reference is actually from Edmund Spenser, in which he writes about Anne Boleyn. “No li mi tangere, for Caesar’s I am”. Just as geeky here 😂

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