Looking Glass #1

Facebook recently announced a function which allows you to show parts of your life for twenty four hours in a circle for people to peruse.

here’s is a reminder on how life was before the need to post everything online:

‘if one had the audacity to open a drawer and read her letters, one would find the traces of many agitations, of appointments to meet, of up braidings for not having met, long letters of intimacy and affection, violent letters of jealousy and reproach, terrible final words of parting — for all those interviews and assignations had led to nothing — that is, she had never married, and yet, judging from the mask-like indifference of her face, she had gone through twenty times more of passion and experience than those whose loves are trumpeted forth for all the world to hear.’ – Virginia Woolf

Artwork by Reisha Perlmutter

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